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To sign up for a Justsms account, visit www.justsms.com.ng. The website will look exactly like this Click on create account menu. you will be redirected to our registration page Fill the form with your name, username, email address and a password. Then click on Register. website tech info After registration, an activation link will be… Read More »

SMS Non Delivery Issue – MTN Do Not Disturb (DND)

Dear Customers, Recently, MTN implemented Do Not Disturb (DND) Policy as directed by Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) which has led to the blocking of many MTN subscribers from receiving other third party promotional SMS. This development has affected delivery rates as most MTN users were by default placed on DND without their notice. If you… Read More »

How To Create Phonebook Contacts On JUSTSMS

The phonebook, is used for keeping records of all your contacts and to reduce the stress of having to type numbers all the time you want to send SMS. If you want to create a phonebook, follow the following steps. Login to your SMS account, click on the manage phonebook menu as shown below.  … Read More »

How To Delete A Phonebook

The purpose of having a phonebook, is to reduce the stress of having to type numbers all the time you want to send an SMS. If you have a phonebook, in which you no longer need, and you want to delete it, follow the following steps. Login to your SMS account, click on the manage… Read More »

How To Check Your Transaction History

The transaction history menu allows every user to check all their transaction from the moment of registration till date . For you to be able to use this feature, follow these steps. Login to your JUSTSMS account, click on the transaction history menu as shown below.   Filter the dates to the particular day you… Read More »

How To Check Your Message History

The message history feature is used for keeping records of past messages sent on every JUSTSMS account, and it also allows users to check their past messages sent on their JUSTSMS account. For you to check your message history, Follow these steps. Login into your JUSTSMS account, click on the message history menu as shown… Read More »

How To Retrieve A Forgotten Username

If you want to retrieve your username on the JUSTSMS platform, you just have to simply visit  our website justsms.com.ng, click on the forgot username link. Fill the form provided with your email you used to open your sms account, tick the captcha and submit. See image below. A reminder of SUPPORT CENTRE. See image… Read More »

How To Reset A Forgotten Password

If you by any means forgot your password , you can reset it.  To reset it, you have to follow these simple steps. Visit our website justsms.com.ng. Click on the forgot password link bellow. bankovnictví .  Fill the form provided with your email, tick the captcha and click the submit button. See image below. An… Read More »

Stop!!! Before You Copy Your Numbers From Excel

For you to upload numbers from your excel spread sheet to your JUSTSMS account, you need to follow the following procedures so as to avoid mistakes.The default format for phone numbers on excel spread sheet deletes the first zero and appears like the image below. To avoid such mistakes/error, simply highlight all your numbers on… Read More »


At JUSTSMS Nigeria, we take the issue of fraud very seriously and we do not allow offensive/abusive messages on our platform.Some Sender Id’s and words used in messages that are considered suspicious and mainly used by fraudsters are banned by all Nigerian GSM operators. If you use any of such words, your message will go… Read More »